[1-point perspective] Even a beginner can draw! How to color an Environment Art in a hand-drawn style

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In this article, we explain “How to color a simple Environment Art”.

By learning this method, you will be able to paint like a sketch watercolor.

If you put a line drawing on it, it will look like this image.

Please click here to learn how to paint this line drawing in our previous article and video.

[1-point perspective] Even a beginner can draw! Environment Art based on a photograph

The equipment and apps used in this article are iPad and Procreate; please try Adobe Photoshop, CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and other apps as well, as you can also draw by applying the concept.

If you are unsure which illustration app to use, please refer to this page. Here is a summary of recommended apps.

​​Introducing recommended iPad illustration apps by feature! Procreate │ CLIP STUDIO PAINT │ Adobe Fresco

The video provides detailed explanations. If you want to check it out thoroughly, please click here.


How to color the Environment Art

Place a photo for color confirmation

Duplicate the photo for reference.

Slide the layer you want to duplicate to the left and press the Duplicate button.

Transform that illustration to a smaller size and place it nearby. There are many ways to do this, but I often use this method.

Create a layer for the line drawing.

When coloring, it is important to keep the layers well separated.

Create a new layer for coloring under the line drawing.

Preparation for coloring

This time, we will use “Paint” and then “Gouache” brushes to create a watercolor touch with an analog feel, rather than painting each surface separately.

You can replace the selected color with the drawing color by pressing and holding with your finger (eyedropper function), so you can absorb the color from the reference photo in this way.

Painting the sky

First, we will paint from the backside. You can change the density of the paint with quality pressure, so paint the color to your liking. It is okay to paint overhanging.

Draw clouds in the sky. You can use white or color on them. You can layer colors or use the fingertip tool to extend them.

If you want to know how to draw clouds, please click here.

[How to paint the sky and clouds] Let’s color the sky and clouds!


Paint the ground

Create a new layer on top of the sky layer and paint the ground. It is easier to paint the ground if you start from a large area.

In order to create a sense of perspective and air at the back of the image, we will add the color of the air. The color can be added by taking the color of the sky with an eyedropper.

Painting Buildings, etc.

Create a new layer and paint the buildings.

If a building or building part is overflowed, it can be painted from the top, so do not worry too much. Have fun painting without fear of making mistakes.

Color the shadowed areas darker and the lighted areas brighter.

Since it is difficult for light to penetrate the border with the ground, put colors on it so that it is darker than usual shadows.

If you want to draw an Environment Art without line drawings, you can draw a line in the area of the line drawing and make the edge stand out.

Completion of coloring!

Repeat the above steps and you are done!

If you want to add more colors

If you want to add light after coloring is complete, create a new layer at the top and set the layer effect to “Overlay” or “Soft Light”.

By adding any color you like, you can add light and other colors without changing the original coloring. (In this case, the yellow color was added in a slightly exaggerated way.)

This is a case where red is applied on top. Please experiment with various layering effects.

For more information on layer effects, please refer to this video.

[Composite Mode, Part 1] A brief explanation of the Layer Composite Mode! Procreate

[Composite Mode Part 2] A brief explanation of Layer Composite Mode! Procreate


Detailed Explanation Video

In the video, a detailed explanation is given while creating a drawing. If you want to check it thoroughly, please click here.


This time, I explained, “How to color a simple Environment Art”.

Using Procreate’s wide variety of brushes, you can create a variety of touches, making coloring fun!

The key point is that it does not matter if the background is a bit messy because it is easy to see the shape of the buildings when you use a background with lines.

Please try using a variety of brushes to color the background.

Thank you for watching until the end.

See you again in my next post!