[Time Lapse] Video Introduction of Making of Environment Art

I am Ari, a Concept Artists.

This time, I would like to introduce a “making video of Environment Art” that I have drawn so far.

The video is a time-lapse video of “from rough to finished” and includes explanations of what I was thinking while drawing. We hope it will be helpful for Environment Art production.

Playlist of Making of Illustration

You can see the list of making illustrations I have drawn so far from this link.

Illustration Making: Time Lapse List

I also do live delivery on YouTube on an irregular basis, and I draw illustrations while reading comments on the live delivery. I also leave an archive, so please take a look.

Live broadcast for illustration work

Making Illustration Pickup Introduction

I introduce some of the making illustrations I have drawn so far.

[Procreate] Tree-top town on the water surface

I created this illustration from a rough sketch on the theme of a tree with long legs.

The coloring method is to create a color rough sketch and then paint in the rough sketch until the picture is completed.

In the rough sketch, I created various ideas to get closer to the final image, while keeping in mind the final image.

[Procreate] European cityscape

This illustration was created with the theme of drawing a cityscape with lines in the background.

I used the streetscape of England as a reference.

I used various books and photos as reference material, but Google Earth was quite helpful!

[Procreate] Making a landscape drawing with lines

Created a vertical illustration with reference to Ukiyo-e woodblock prints.

While being conscious of the three-dimensional effect going from the front to the back, the back is created with a flat surface.

I added a paper texture on top to give it as much of a Japanese paper feel as possible.

[Procreate] APEX Legends Fan Art

I had so much fun with APEX that I created fan art.

After creating a rough rough sketch, I incorporated APEX elements.

The map is based on the actual game screen.

[Procreate] Making a drawing of a room illustration using isometric!

Doraemon fan art drawn using isometric.

It is fun to draw in a certain shape, and the more you draw, the more you can enjoy connecting them.

It was also fun to create the change of day and night in this illustration.

[AdobeFresco] Desert landscape illustration drawing

Illustration with lines using AdobeFresco.

I created the tints with reference to bande dessinée, and created the textures with AdobeFresco’s abundant brushes.

[CLIP STUDIO PAINT] Drawing of an old hut [manga background]

This is a frame where I helped with the background of a comic book.

I had so much fun adding touches of line drawing that I felt like I could go on drawing forever.

This illustration reaffirmed the fun of line drawing.


For other making-of videos, please click here.

Illustration Making: Time Lapse List

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See you again in the next article and video.