​​Introducing recommended iPad illustration apps by feature! Procreate │ CLIP STUDIO PAINT │ Adobe Fresco

I am Ari, a Concept Artists.

In this video, I introduce “Recommended Illustration Apps for iPad” by their features.

By watching this video, you can find the drawing app that suits you among “Procreate”, “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” and “Adobe Fresco”.

We hope it will be of some help to those who are thinking of drawing on the iPad in choosing an app. Please note that this is an introduction from the perspective of a background illustrator.


About “Procreate”

App cost: 1,220 yen (buy-in)

Click here to download

Recommended points

(1) Many brushes

There are many default brushes and many texture brushes, so it is suitable for drawing natural objects such as rocks and soil.

With the “Organic” -> “Clay” brush, you can draw with this kind of texture in one stroke.

(2) UI is simple and easy to use

The UI is organized, easy to see and simple, and the drawing screen is very wide, making it easy to use.

(3) Strong in straight and curved lines

Straight lines and curves can be drawn by simply pressing and holding. It is easy to use because it is very specialized for iPad operation, and you can easily draw a regular circle.

(4) Filters are easy to use.

There are many itchy filters, and you can even set a filter to apply a filter only to the area you have traced with the pen.

(5) Drawing Guide

From a background illustrator’s point of view, this is an important point that I highly recommend!

Using this “Drawing Guide”, you can easily draw perspective illustrations such as one-point perspective, two-point perspective, and three-point perspective.

(6) Overall, an application with a high level of perfection

It is a very easy-to-use drawing application with “time-lapse” and “animation” functions, “PSD export,” and more.

One more step

Only one “drawing guide” can be placed.

It would be very useful to be able to place multiple perspectives, for example, when you want to place a slope or an object with different angles, so I would be very happy if this could be improved.

If you can place more than one “drawing guide,” there is almost nothing to say! I recommend this app so much.

I use “Procreate” as the main tool for my “How to Draw Backgrounds” course, so if you are interested in it, please refer to the videos and articles.

Download Procreate

Application fee: 1,220 yen (buy-in)

Download “Procreate” from here

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First-time application: Up to 3 months free of charge

Application fee: From 980 yen for iPad EX (monthly plan)

↓Click here for other plans and details.


Recommended points

(1) Can be used in the same way as the PC version

You can assign shortcuts and even connect a keyboard or left-hand device to speed up your work.

Since it also has “Animation” and “Load 3D” functions, this application has everything you need for drawing.

If you are using “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” on your PC, I think it is definitely better to use this application.

(2) Easy to use a perspective ruler

From a background illustrator’s point of view, this tool is very easy to use and my favorite.

With “Procreate,” only one perspective can be placed, but with “CLIP STUDIO PAINT,” multiple perspectives can be placed.

The layers are managed, so multiple perspectives can be placed by setting each layer. This tool makes it easier to draw advanced Environment Art.

One more step

(1) Many tools

However, when you bring out one of the tools, the area where you draw becomes quite small, which makes it a little difficult to draw.

(Update 2022/06/16) A companion feature has been added, allowing you to use your smartphone as a left-handed device! The problem of many tools and a small drawing surface has been solved.

(2) Monthly subscription

You have to pay monthly, so you have to consult with your wallet.

Personally, I often use “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” to draw perspective lines. After drawing the perspective, I take it to “Procreate” and work on it afterward.


↓Click here to visit the official CLIP STUDIO website.


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About “Adobe Fresco”

First-time application: Premium version free for 30 days

Application fee: Free / Premium version: 980 yen/month

Click here to download

Recommended points

(1) Various brushes

There are brushes that can be downloaded from the official website (pixel brushes), vector brushes, live brushes, and other Adobe Fresco-specific brushes.

“Pixel brushes”…Adobe Photoshop-like brushes. In addition to the default brushes, you can also download and use a large number of official brushes.

“Live Brushes”…Adobe’s own calculated brushes, which give a touch of watercolor or oil painting.

“Vector brushes”…data often used in Adobe Illustrator. Lines drawn with “Vector Brushes” can be processed as paths in Adobe Illustrator.

(2) Easy to work with other software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

After creating an illustration on the iPad, I want to make some adjustments on the PC. If you want to make some adjustments on your PC after creating an illustration on the iPad, you can easily use them together since they are products of the same company.

(3) Simple and easy-to-use UI

It is customized for the iPad, so it is very easy to use.

(4) There is also a free plan.

If you want to use more functions after trying it once, you can join the premium version. You can also join the premium version if you want to use more functions.

There are some limitations with the free plan, such as not being able to download brushes.

If you are a subscriber to an Adobe Creative Cloud plan, you can use it, so if you haven’t used it yet, please try it out.

One more step

(1) Lack of perspective-type functions

There is a ruler tool, but no tool for placing perspective, which is a bit disappointing from the standpoint of a background illustrator.

(2021/11/15: Added) “AdobeFresco 3.0 Update” added a perspective ruler function that supports 1-, 2-, and 3-point perspectives! Please see the video below for details.

(2) Live Brush is a bit heavy.

I think it may be an issue of iPad performance, but my iPad (2nd generation) is a little old, and the larger the campus, the heavier the processing becomes little by little.

There is no problem there, as the application does not suddenly drop out, etc.


First-time application: Premium version free for 30 days

Application fee: Free / Premium version: 980 yen/month

Click here to download

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In this article, we have introduced “Recommended iPad Illustration Apps” by their features.

Each app has its own features and is easy to use, so please find the drawing app of your choice and try drawing illustrations!

We hope this will be of some help to those who are thinking of drawing on the iPad in the future.

Thank you very much for watching until the end.

See you again in the next lecture!