Introduction of recommended Procreate brushes for a hand-drawn style

I am Ari, a Concept Artists.

In this video, we will introduce “Recommended Brushes for Hand-Drawn Style Coloring”.

By watching this video, you can use them to help you draw hand-drawn style illustrations with Procreate. Please use it for your summer and seasonal picture letters, etc.

The notation may differ between Japanese and English.

The equipment and apps used in this project are iPad and Procreate.

If you are wondering which illustration app to use, please refer to this page. This is a summary of app recommendations.

​​Introducing recommended iPad illustration apps by feature! Procreate │ CLIP STUDIO PAINT │ Adobe Fresco

The video provides detailed explanations. If you want to check it out thoroughly, please click here.


“Sketch” -> “Soft Pastel”

This brush allows you to draw as if you were painting on drawing paper with pastels.

“Drawing” → “Frescine”

This brush can create a grainy and rough texture. It is useful when you want to draw a cute illustration.

“Paint “> “Eagle Hawk”

This brush has less transparent white grazing than “Freycinet” and gives a hand-drawn look while painting clearly. The edge of the brush has a distinctive grazing effect.

“Paint” → “Salamanca”

This brush can paint as if it is painted on the campus. You can get soft atmosphere.

“Paint” → “Gouache”

This brush can create unevenness of opacity. You can paint with a fluffy watercolor texture by placing the brush on the canvas.

Abel Essentials Ink Wash (paid)

This is a brush created by “Abel Art” who also distributes videos on YouTube.

This brush is very similar to watercolor, and you can paint with a gentle atmosphere.

Detailed explanation video

A detailed explanation is shown in the video. If you want to check it out thoroughly, please click here.

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We have introduced 6 brushes in this article, but there are many more great brushes out there, so please touch and feel around to find the one you like best.

Thank you for watching until the end.

See you again in my next post!