[basis]How to Draw an Environment Art Using 2-Point Perspective

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In this article, we will explain “How to draw a background using a 2-point perspective”.

If you want to know more about “one-point perspective” and “eye level,” please refer to this page.

The equipment and apps used in this article are iPad and Procreate; please try Adobe Photoshop, CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and other apps as well, as you can also draw by applying the concept.

If you are unsure which illustration app to use, please refer to this page. Here is a summary of recommended apps.

​​Introducing recommended iPad illustration apps by feature! Procreate │ CLIP STUDIO PAINT │ Adobe Fresco

The video provides detailed explanations. If you want to check it out thoroughly, please click here.


About 2-Point Perspective

Drawing Eye Levels and Vanishing Points

Set two eye levels and two vanishing points (VPs).

For a one-point perspective, there is one VP, and for a two-point perspective, there are two VPs.

Drawing a corner

Draw a vertical line for the corner and draw a line from both ends to each VP.

Determine the widths

Decide the width of both and draw a vertical line.

Draw upper and lower lines

Draw a line from both sides to VP.

The two-point perspective cube is complete!

Remove the lines you don’t need, and you’re done!

Since a two-point perspective can be drawn more three-dimensional than a one-point perspective, it will broaden the scope of your illustration work if you are able to draw it.

If the VPs are close together, the bottom corners will be sharp. In this case, move the VPs apart (about twice the size of the paper) to draw natural-looking corners.

If you draw above eye level, the bottom can be seen, and if you draw below eye level, the top can be seen.

Drawing Furniture in 2-Point Perspective

Set the drawing guide

Turn on “Action” → “Drawing Guide” → “Edit Drawing Guide” to set the vanishing point (VP).

Draw a square place

Draw the top of the desk.

Draw the foot part.

Draw lines while drawing auxiliary lines. It is easy to draw as it is set in the drawing guide.

The desk drawn in two-point perspective is complete!

Draw small objects and walls to make it look more like an Environment Art.

Detailed Explanation Video

In the video, we provide detailed explanations while drawing. If you want to check it out thoroughly, please click here.


This time, we have shown “How to draw a background with a 2-point perspective”.

Although a two-point perspective is more difficult than a one-point perspective, you can basically draw it by being aware of the eye level and vanishing point.

If you try to draw calmly and without panic, you will be able to draw it surprisingly easily, so please master the 2-point perspective!

Thank you for watching until the end.

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