[One Point Perspective Application]How to draw a staircase!

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In this article, we explain “How to draw a staircase using one-point perspective.

By learning this method, you will be able to draw background illustrations with stairs.

The equipment and apps used in this article are iPad and Procreate; please try Adobe Photoshop, CLIP STUDIO PAINT, and other apps as well, as you can also draw by applying the concept.

If you are unsure which illustration app to use, please refer to this page. Here is a summary of recommended apps.

​​Introducing recommended iPad illustration apps by feature! Procreate │ CLIP STUDIO PAINT │ Adobe Fresco

The video provides detailed explanations. If you want to check it out thoroughly, please click here.


How to draw a staircase

Set the drawing guide

After drawing the eye level, turn on “Action” → “Drawing Guide” → “Edit Drawing Guide” to set the vanishing point (VP).

Set the place to draw the staircase

Decide the approximate location of the staircase.

Decide one side of the staircase

Decide one side of the staircase and draw a diagonal line that will be the slope.

Decide the width of the stair step.

This time we are doing it by eye, but you can draw an even staircase if you use the “Divide and Multiply Method” that we did before.

Draw a line along the one-point perspective guide.

This red line will be the location of the steps.

Use the eraser to erase the unwanted areas, and the green line will be the location of the stair step.

Determine the width of the stair step.

Draw a line from one square to the other to determine the width of the step, and draw a diagonal line on the other side.

Drawing the staircase

From the step drawn on one side, draw a line directly across and then draw a vertical line as well.

Repeat this process to draw the staircase.

The staircase is complete!

The part above the eye level will be invisible, so use the eraser to erase it. Once you have erased the unwanted parts, you have completed the staircase!

Detailed Explanatory Video

In the video, we also show how to draw the staircase in the actual illustration, so if you want to see how it looks like, please click here.


In this article, I explained “How to draw a staircase using a 1-point perspective.

Stairs may look difficult, but once you get the hang of them, it is easy to draw, so try drawing stairs with this method!

Thank you for watching until the end.

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